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Frequently Asked Questions

City Cheetah is an online food delivery service that connects you to local restaurants, anywhere around Northern Virginia! Forget the hassle of cooking for yourself, and let someone else make the food and deliver it straight to your door. Simply log onto our app or website and place your order. We'll send you a text to confirm what your delivery/pick up time is, and soon enough you'll have a delicious stress-free meal.
We know you are hungry, so we strive to get your food to you as soon as possible. Most deliveries will arrive in under an hour. However, remember delivery time can be influenced by the restaurants ability to prepare your food, weather and traffic conditions.

If you require a specific lunch time delivery or a large order, we suggest that you give us a 24-hour notice. This is not required, but is helpful to ensure you get an awesome experience.
Sure! In order to stay updated on the status of your order, please choose TEXT or EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS when you create your City Cheetah account.
One of our awesome City Cheetah drivers will deliver it right to your door! Remember, they work for tips. So, if they did an awesome job, please show your appreciation.
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage advanced orders to ensure you get your delivery at your desired time. Simply select your desired delivery time when you start your order. This will allow you to create your order hours, days or even weeks ahead of time.
Our minimum delivery fee is $3.00, but it varies by restaurant. We have a tier fee system in place, so the closer you are to the restaurant, the cheaper it will be.
If you’ve received an order and want to let your fellow City Cats know about your experience, check out the review section via the link in the follow-up email you’ll receive after ordering, or by checking out your “past orders” on the site.
We try our best to get your local gems on City Cheetah, but Northern Virginia is a pretty big jungle! If we missed any, let us know and we'll try and get them on board.
Getting your food to your face should be easy, so paying for your food needs to be easy too. We accept all the major online payment methods. This means you can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Or you can go the ol' fashion route and pay by Cash on delivery/pick up. Keep in mind that it always comes down to what the restaurant accepts, so double check when you place your order.
We take the security of our customers very seriously. Our high-tech security system ensures that your card details aren't shared with anyone else including the restaurant, you can read more about what steps we take to protect you as our valued customer in our privacy policy.
You'll get an SMS within 5 to 10 minutes of ordering that will give you an estimated time of your order completion.
We bet it was gremlins, but it could be that we don’t have your correct email address. You should probably call us on 1-855-4-CHEETAH or 1-855-424-3382 so we can check it out.
It could simply be that the restaurant is super busy and hasn’t quite got to accepting your order yet. If you’re worried, don’t fret, log in to your account and double check that we have the right phone number (so that someone else isn’t getting your confirmations texts) and then give us a buzz at 1-855-4-CHEETAH or 1-855-424-3382 to check if we’ve got the wrong number or you need any more help.
Sure can! Check your confirmation email for the restaurant number and give them a buzz if you have any questions or requests on the prep and delivery of the food. Feel free to give us a buzz too, we're always happy to help out if you’ve not been able to get through to the restaurant.
Got your confirmation SMS/Email? You’d better give the restaurant a quick call to see if they can help out before they start making your food. If you haven’t got the SMS yet, or you can’t get through to the restaurant, give us a shout out at 1-855-4-CHEETAH or 1-855-424-3382 so we can assist you.
We understand sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you might need to cancel an order. We can cancel an order if the restaurant hasn’t started cooking it yet. If the restaurant has started to cook your food there is a small chance they might still be able to offer you a refund or credit, so best to call them and find out. If you can't get through to the restaurant, give us a shout out at 1-855-4-CHEETAH or 1-855-424-3382 - someone from our Dispatch Team will be happy to assist you.
Rejection is never great, so we work really hard with our restaurants to get as many orders accepted as possible. Sometimes a rejected order may look like payment has gone through, but don’t worry, it was voided and is simply pending with your bank. This may take 1¬5 business days so it's best to give the bank a call if you have any questions. As always, we're here to help if we can - give us a call at 1-855-4-CHEETAH or 1-855-424-3382 with any questions.
If you're not happy, we're not happy. Our partner restaurants do a great job of preparing and delivering orders on time, but sometimes unexpected things get in the way. If your tummy rumbles are getting louder with every tick of the clock, give the restaurant a call (their number is in the email we sent you). If you can’t get through, buzz us at 1-855-4-CHEETAH or 1-855-424-3382 so we can track down your food.
Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that. Our restaurant friends work really hard to provide you great food, so they’re keen for your feedback. Call them right away (check out your confirmation email from us for their number) and they might be able to fix the problem for you or help you out for next time. We can't guarantee this call will result in things being put right immediately but it's definitely worth a shot. Of course, our team are always happy to help you out if you’re not able to resolve this directly with the restaurant.
We need our partner restaurants to let us know when prices change, but we understand that they’re busy creating scrumptious food for you to enjoy. Plus, we frequently align prices between the restaurant and our website to ensure consistency. If you notice a price difference, please call us at 1-855-4-CHEETAH (1-855-424-3382) or email us at so we can look into it. We promise to make you purr.
Quick, double check the confirmation email! Maybe the computer gremlins threw in some extra sides for themselves? If there is a difference between what’s on the email and what you received, please call the restaurant right away to let them know. Of course, our team are also always happy to help you out if you’re not able to resolve this directly with the restaurant.
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You earn 5 points per $1 spent on your food and drink subtotals (10 points per $1 spent between 2PM and 4PM every day). When you reach 2500 points, we add a $5 credit to your account automatically! Redeem your credits by checking out our reward partners like iTunes, Old Navy, Amazon, and MORE.